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Faith Moves Mountains
The Big Battle
True Companion
The Supreme Sacrifice
Oh Lord
The Glorious Power Of Resurrection
The Great Reward
Revival is Genuine Repentance
Behold I come quickly.....are you ready?

Dr Paul & Shanthi Solomon

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It's all about SOULS, SOULS, SOULS!!!
Set free & healed .............
The world is crying out for a great last days REVIVAL, before Christ returns....
a soverign move of God & manisfestation of His presence & power.

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A revival in the hearts of believers & non believers alike.
Our VISION is to reveal the love & power of God to Bangalore & beyond through His Word & signs & wonders.
God is wanting to reveal Himself to every person that seeks after Him!
His one & only Son Jesus Christ is not dead, but alive & touching peoples lives with His power, healing & love.
It's all about the Cross/Repentance/Salvation/Sanctification & Holiness/Anointing/Revival/Jesus Christ's
Second Coming

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 What is revival?

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The Harvest is plentiful...but labourers are few!!!

What's Revival?
Psalm 85:6
Revival is the plan of God and its the work of the Holy Spirit.
It is a hunger for the manifestation of God's glory to be
revealed to the nations. God working in our lives and a
complete surrender to His will with a broken and contrite spirit.
Ps 51:17 
Lev 16:13 a perpetual fire burning in the altar.
Acts 2:37 People were saved through preaching.  
Heb 2:3 It is so great Salvation.
Mat 1:21. Jesus saves.
It comes by conviction Jn 16:8
Conviction brings perfect deliverance from our sins. 
Jer 23 :29 Is not my word like a fire.
Ps 133:2 

The author has penned down the lines of this book with God’s guidance
and her real life experiences and not from her imaginations or fantasy.

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from Gods WORD

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Revival is agonising not organising
its edifying not entertaining
holy life not jolly life
kneeling in tears not rolling with peers
trembling in his presence not tumbling
humility not publicity
soul searching not goal reaching
holy fire not worldy mire
its Jesus glorified not us magnified..Amen....
In Him


A few lines
Chosen by God to as a teenager
To serve Jesus the lord her maker

Neither rich nor intelligent to say
Molded in His holy hands as clay
Hidden to be shaped day by day

Yearning for years to see the global Revival
With prayers and tears, not for mere survival
Jesus is the only way, for the mighty breakthrough
The latter rain is going to pour soon, its really true
Come and be drenched in its outpouring, its new.


Revival is genuine repentance.....
it’s not an option, but unction of the Holy Spirit:
a voice of the wilderness;
for a heart with brokenness,
the need of a lukewarm Christianity:
a seed for a soul and its utter necessity;
it’s not a fashion word to make you soft,
but a passion sword to break the heart:
not in saying “I am ok and alright”
a life pleasing Him and living in Christ:
walking upright in His holy sight,
not a shallow life of show and vanity:
but a depth in His love and divinity.

Let revival be your heart’s fervent desire,
Be filled with His power and holy fire:
It refreshes a needy and parched soul;
A life changing encounter to make it whole.
It’s not a pious and out ward show,
but let the fountain of His life flow:
it’s net a thrill of a day’s emotion;
but the holy presence of daily devotion.
that’s the blessing of Revival Shower!
falling with Heaven’s glorious power.