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Revival is Genuine Repentance
Behold I come quickly.....are you ready?
Revival is Genuine Repentance

Revival is genuine repentance
it’s not an option, but unction of the Holy Spirit:
a voice of the wilderness;
for a heart with brokenness,
the need of a lukewarm Christianity:
a seed for a soul and its utter necessity;
it’s not a fashion word to make you soft,
but a passion sword to break the heart:
not in saying “I am ok and alright”
a life pleasing Him and living in Christ:
walking upright in His holy sight,
not a shallow life of show and vanity:
but a depth in His love and divinity.

Let revival be your heart’s fervent desire,
Be filled with His power and holy fire:
It refreshes a needy and parched soul;
A life changing encounter to make it whole.

It’s not a pious and out ward show,
but let the fountain of His life flow:
it’s net a thrill of a day’s emotion;
but the holy presence of daily devotion.
that’s the blessing of Revival Shower!
falling with Heaven’s glorious power.