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Faith Moves Mountains
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Faith Moves Mountains

Faith moves Mountains


Faith on Jesus moves the mountains and will open up a fountain

Do you say its not possible, but God says,” Nothing is impossible’

Why do you shrink with unbelief, let faith fill your cup to the brink


Is your family seems to be broken and you’re totally shaken?

You’re sullen and shocked, as, all your ways have been blocked

There comes Jesus to cheer and to wipe out your every tear


If Satan tries to engulf you in his encounter by his threatening

God is there to defend and protect you, from all his frightening

He will surely strengthen your ventures, no more shortcomings


Don’t get perplexed or retreat from the battlefield, if the enemies shout

The heavenly light will pierce through the deep darkness in your doubt

Jesus will command his glorious power, to surround you as a mighty fort


The fury of nature has brought you terror and despair so longer

And the Master on your boat sleeps, undisturbed like a stranger

Oh! Where’s your faith? He stands in the midst to help in danger


Neither the troubled sea nor the tumult can shake your faith

The hungry waters can’t swallow you, but calms at his breath

The black clouds move away by giving a way for your mirth


A mustard seed of faith can topsy-turvy everything if it’s strong

To move the mountains and cast them into the sea, it’s your song

That’s the Triumphant Faith! Which can testify and moves along.