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Faith Moves Mountains
The Big Battle
True Companion
The Supreme Sacrifice
Oh Lord
The Glorious Power Of Resurrection
The Great Reward
Revival is Genuine Repentance
Behold I come quickly.....are you ready?
The Big Battle

The Big Battle
A battle not with flesh and blood, but with the prince of darkness
In the heavenly places it’s against hell and the hosts of wickedness
Stand up ye soldiers, gird on with the breastplate of righteousness
The helmet of salvation and the sword of His Spirit, His holy Word
He gives authority over the power of the enemy, the Almighty God
To trample upon the serpents and scorpions, with Jesus you’re Lord 
The foes with their might are fighting to occupy the throne
We aren’t grasshoppers; with us is Jesus, so we aren’t alone
We are more than conquerors, through Him, we are His own
Be ready to quench the fiery darts and the wiles of the wicked one
Be strong in the power of His might, the foe defeated and the battle won
The victory is surely yours and the work of redemption, He has already done
The devil will tremble at the utterance of his His powerful name
The enemy is overthrown and will flee away in disgrace and shame
For it says, yesterday and. today and forever, Jesus is the same
Rejoice my soul; it’s a triumphant victory, glory to His name!