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Faith Moves Mountains
The Big Battle
True Companion
The Supreme Sacrifice
Oh Lord
The Glorious Power Of Resurrection
The Great Reward
Revival is Genuine Repentance
Behold I come quickly.....are you ready?
True Companion

                The true companion in desertion
Overcome your weakness and the temptation by your fervent prayer
Or the tempter will come subtly and catch you with his flimsy power
Fear not his threats or get perplexed by your painful circumstances
Escape the devil’s snare, beware of his trap, and come out of such instances
He will desert you, when his whims and magical tricks are soon over
He will disappoint you and fill you with shame and darkness forever
Never become a prey to the evil one, who will promise you happiness
The consequence of sin will make you to walk alone in the wilderness
The distress and dejections, which it brings upon you, can’t be uttered
The devil comes to kill and destroy and in the end leaves you shattered
By showing the glamour and its momentary pleasure that’s his might
Be not a partaker of the darkness and its vanity, but be a child of light
Yield to Jesus; hold on to Him who strengthens you in your weakness
By faith, look at the cross; submit to his will, the victory is yours now
He will lift you up and makes to walk on the high places of blessedness
You can fail, but never be a failure; He will make you to succeed