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The Supreme Sacrifice
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The Supreme Sacrifice

                            The Supreme Sacrifice
With the Cross-on His bare shoulder, Christ fell to the ground
It’s a humiliating sight, to bear the heavy cross and the burden
Including the mob’s mockery, the insult made Him more sadden
The pain He endured alone and the for a moment He felt forsaken
Christ was bruised for our iniquities, counted as a transgressor
 To blot out our sins and to redeem us from the condemnation
As man’s substitute, He became the holy lamb of reconcialtion
The Son of God filled with consternation, a terrible manifestation
The disgrace the sorrow, the agony and anguish of his heart
The burden of the cross He bore, without murmur and complaint
The uttermost denial, carried our sorrows and He was wounded
For our transgression, the grief He bore, the bitter cup He drank
The agonizing moment of Gethsemane, to sweat blood drops
The inexpressible agony, the suffering for the sin of mankind
His heart of sympathy, weep not for me but for those who perish
All for me, such a supreme sacrifice He laid His life to save me!
My Redeemer! Words fail me to utter the message of your cross
I humbly give myself Jesus, please forgive me, and don’t forsake me
Lord help me to be fully thine and my only life to thee forever
I surrender my life, my all, you, only you alone are my Master