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Faith Moves Mountains
The Big Battle
True Companion
The Supreme Sacrifice
Oh Lord
The Glorious Power Of Resurrection
The Great Reward
Revival is Genuine Repentance
Behold I come quickly.....are you ready?
Oh Lord

                                                                  Thy Sanctuary Oh Lord!
                  A place of serenity and tranquility, which gives the peace
                  Where the heavenly dews refresh the hearts by your divine grace
The love of Christ and his glorious light that shines on your face
A place where your awesome presence is manifested in heavenly light
By seeing the countenance of your glory and tremble at your sight
To experience the commanding dignity of your royal and eternal throne
Where your compassion flows, for the souls that are broken and torn
To receive the forgiveness of sins by the shedding of your holy blood
When their hearts are cleansed and it’s where the weary ones do flood
A place, which welcomes the needy and brokenhearted, no ethnic pressure
The saving grace and the powerful anointing overflows without measure
Its a habitation for the lost souls, it’s a place of shelter from the storm
A place of transformation and makes the shattered ones feel the calm
It’s a holy place where your prophecies are revealed and fulfilled
The divine worship, with the praises we offer you makes us thrilled 
To sit at your feet and listen, as you fill our hearts with hope and gladness 
A place to yield our lives to Him and to proclaim the gospel with boldness
It’s the sanctuary where our hearts are cleansed in repentance for redemption
When the heaven rejoices over a sinner’s transformation and gives attention
Only Christ alone is to be magnified and exalted in His throne of majesty                                             
              And millions will bow at His feet in reverence to behold his Eternal beauty!