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Faith Moves Mountains
The Big Battle
True Companion
The Supreme Sacrifice
Oh Lord
The Glorious Power Of Resurrection
The Great Reward
Revival is Genuine Repentance
Behold I come quickly.....are you ready?
The Glorious Power Of Resurrection

    The glorious power of Resurrection!
Jesus the mighty Conqueror of sin and shame
The only redemption for mankind
The cry and victory impressed every one’s mind
The excitement and joy of the Risen Savior
He arose to change the hopeless’ behavior
The tomb where He was buried is empty
Death is swallowed in victory
Jesus is alive forevermore
He came out of the sepulcher
With a glorious shout, No more despair
The victory over death and grave
Man can live forevermore
Humiliation turned into jubilation
Rejection into rejoicing
A new hope for humanity
An end to all offerings of sin
A new way was prepared
To boldly enter the throne
The Crucified One is the Crowned King of glory and majesty!
The hosts of darkness have vanished from the sight
The angels of brightness have appeared with their light
To establish our unwavering faith, forever and eternally
To overcome our fear and to make us trust Him immensely
Jesus is alive, the Victor, He arose!
The same Jesus is coming again in glory with the hosts of Heaven
Always be ready to meet Him, in the air when the trumpet sounds!